– An ASP.NET/MVC/DDD example

I recently launched my pet project,  It’s a music-sharing community featuring free and legal music downloads.  I know, it’s not the most original thing out there –  I’m mainly doing this for my own education and to allow me to demonstrate some architectural principles that I’ve been thinking about for a while.  Essentially the goals of the project are to:

  1. Try out ASP.NET MVC
  2. Attempt a true Domain Driven Design (DDD)
  3. Show how I might architect a real-world app
  4. Learn jQuery
  5. Try my hand at building a modern, “web 2.0″-ish UI
  6. Provide a real working website that hopefully some people might actually use and enjoy
  7. Provide a permanent digital home to some of my childhood home-recordings

The series:

Functional Overview

High level architecture

The Domain Model – Commands and Transactions(Coming Soon)

The Query Model – Optimized for Reads (Coming Soon)

The Service Layer (Coming Soon)

User Interface (Coming Soon)

Conculsion – The Good, Bad and Ugly (Coming Soon)

3 comments to – An ASP.NET/MVC/DDD example

  • Are you going to finish this? It looks very similar to my architecture thinking and I’d love to see how you implement it.

    I am currently the solution architect on 4 projects running simultaneously using\DDD\[Linq or NHibernate].


    Joe Gaber

  • Hi Joe,

    Sorry I haven’t kept up with the series – been very busy. Is there a particular area of the architecture you are interested in?

  • Sabeel Anderson


    Would it be possible to get the domain model article ?


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